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What user data does this website collect?
What ways do we collect user data?
How do we use user data?
Which third party websites have access to user data?
Users’ rights to their data

What user data does this website collect? []

Best Antiaging Supplements is a website dedicated to the publication of up-to-date information about human aging and about dietary supplements, other products and practices that can help delay or reverse this process.

When you read the information we publish you become our USER and in doing so you accept the privacy policy described in this document while we assume the role of protecting your navigational data as established by law.

We may change this privacy policy from time to time. All changes will be published in this page without prior notice and we assume you accept them by browsing our pages.

We assume as a definition of user data associated with browsing on to the data collected by this website whose analysis can provide information to identify, locate or contact the user.

User data associated with browsing our website is collected by visiting our pages.

If you choose to visit the pages of other websites using the information we publish, the data that those sites collect is not considered associated with browsing on as defined above because it is not collected by our website.

Our website collects data of the following types:

  • Technical data.
  • Personal data.

Technical data includes the IP address, the operating system of the navigation device and the browser used by the user.

Technical data is collected when a user visits any page of the website.

The user’s personal data collected by our website are provided by the user through the contact form or comment form.

If you comment on an article on the website, you must provide your name or alias and your email address.

If the comment is approved, the name or alias of its author is published next to it. The email address is not published.

Our website has a contact form. If you wish to contact us by this means you must enter your name, email address and a message.

What ways do we collect user data? []

Our website collects data from users using the following methods:

  • The site’s security add-on logs the IP address of the navigation device of those attempting to breach the site’s security.
  • The add-on that manages affiliate links logs the IP address of the navigation device of users who click on one of these links.
  • The contact form records the name and email address of users who communicate with the webmaster of the website by this means.
  • The comment form collects the name and email address of the commenters. If a comment is approved, its author’s name is published next to the comment. The e-mail address is not published.
  • This website originates cookies that store user data associated with your navigation of the website. In order to know the cookies originated by this website, we invite you to visit the page about cookies policy.

How do we use user data? []

User data is used for the following purposes:

  • The IP addresses collected by the security plug-in are used to block access to site pages and files by users who have attempted to violate security rules.
  • User names and email addresses collected by the contact form are used exclusively to respond to user messages and once topics are exhausted, these data are deleted from the webmaster’s email client of the website. This data will never be used to send users messages of other types than those related to the subject of their messages.
  • The email address of users who send spam messages to the webmaster using the contact form are included in the spam list in the email client and do not receive a reply.
  • The IP addresses of the navigation device of users who write comments is used to identify whether the same user writes different comments with different names and different email addresses.

Which third party websites have access to user data? []

The source code of the pages of our website is generated by a content manager system named WordPress and complements stored in the repository of

The WordPress privacy policy is available on this page.

Best Antiaging Supplements uses the statistical services of Google Analytics to generate reports on visits to this website.

Google Analytics does not collect personal data from users, but rather technical data such as type of navigation device, operating system it uses, browser and geographic location.

This data is used to generate statistical reports that guide the webmaster of Best Antiaging Supplements in terms of decision making aimed at improving the functionality of the website and the selection of content to be published.

Google’s privacy policy is available here for all users.

Users’ rights to their data []

All users have the right to receive information about the collection and processing of their data associated with browsing this website by sending a message to the webmaster of the website using the contact form.

Each user may also request the deletion or change of their personal data from the records of our website.

The webmaster of this website has implemented security measures aimed at maintaining the confidentiality of user data, although we warn users that no method of storage and transmission of information over the Internet is completely secure.