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In this document we have summarized the legal aspects on which this website is based. We recommend you read it before browsing the pages because when you visit them, you become our USER and this means you accept the content of this document.

This legal notice is complemented by the privacy policy, the cookies policy and the disclaimers to which you can access by clicking on the links in this paragraph.

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How do you contact us?
Our purpose
Terms of use of Best Antiaging Supplements
How to access the pages of our website?
Links to and from pages on our website
Comment policy
Final notes

How do you contact us? []

If you want to contact us, click here.

You will receive an answer to your questions in the shortest possible time and your personal data will be treated confidentially as we have stated in our privacy policy.

Our purpose []

The purpose of this website is to publish information on human aging and about products and practices that may help slow or reverse it.

This website has an informative function and the content of its articles does not replace medical advice in any case.

We recommend our users to visit their doctor before consuming any product that we comment on this website.

We reserve the right to delete, modify or expand the content of articles we publish without notice. Any changes we make will be based on the improvement of the information we provide to our users for the fulfillment of our purpose.

In the same way we can modify without previous notice the disposition and configuration of the elements that integrate the pages of the website.

Terms of use of Best Antiaging Supplements []

Articles published in Best Antiaging Supplements are our property and they may not be reproduced without our express permission.

Users of our website undertake to use the content we publish properly and not to plagiarise it.

Users also agree not to engage in practices that attempt to violate the security of the website or undermine its proper functioning.

We reserve the right to exclude access to the pages of Best Antiaging Supplements by users who violate the conditions of use.

These conditions may be modified or extended at the discretion of the webmaster of the website.

The new conditions of use will replace those set forth herein and will be published in this document without prior notice.

How to access the pages of our website? []

You can access the pages of our website by the following means:

– The pages indexed using search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and others).

– By clicking on the links placed on other websites: social networks, forums, blogs and others.

– Entering its URL in the address bar of a browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

– By clicking on the links placed on our pages.

There are several pages of our website not indexed by search engines including privacy policy and cookie policy. To access these pages you can use any of the last two ways described above.

Our website does not allow the creation of user profiles and we do not sell products or services; we only comment on third party products as affiliates.

One of the ways to access Best Antiging Supplements pages is by clicking on external links placed on pages of other websites for whose content we are not responsible.

On the other hand, on the pages of this website we have placed links to pages that complement the published content and affiliation links to pages of other websites that sell products related to the content of the articles.

Some of our affiliate links point to Amazon. We do not publish prices or availability of Amazon products on our website. Such data must be obtained by visiting the pages of Amazon websites.

We are not responsible for the functionality of the pages we link and we are not responsible for the privacy and cookie policies of the websites to which these pages belong, although we periodically check that the linked pages load.

Comment policy []

In Best Antiaging Supplements the option to comment on articles is enabled.

Comments are reviewed by a moderator who reserves the right to publish them or not.

We do not approve comments that disrespect people, organizations or institutions, promote hatred, racism, xenophobia, terrorism, homophobia or similar ideas.

The user comments we publish do not represent the opinion of the moderator who approves them, but of those who write them.

When a comment requires a response, we try to respond as quickly as possible.

Final notes []

By visiting the pages of our website you become a USER and this means you accept the content of this document whose complete reading we recommend and its supplements on privacy policy, cookies policy and disclaimers.